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FS 49 C2®

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FS 49 C2® (Halon alternative)
FS 49 C2® is a fire extinguishing gas installed in a suited fire extinguishing system.
Incosafety Corp is General agent on behalf of Brassbell and Bejaro supplying the product FS 49 C2® to agents, partners and customers in Latin America and the Caribbean.
The Clean agent FS 49 C2® is thermal extinguishing gas that extinguishes fire without removing the oxygen from the air. This makes it possible to extinguish a fire with people in the room surviving.

Extensive research has led to the development of a clean gaseous fire extinguishing agent FS 49 C2®, physical properties of which are similar to those of Halon 1301. The agent causes considerably less damage to the environment. The main component of FS 49 C2 is the most widely used replacement gas for refrigeration systems, characterized by zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) factor.

The FS 49 C2 is suitable to replace Halon 1301 as a "drop in" upgrade on existing Halon systems.
We provide filling facilities in Republic of Panama and in strategic ports.

This is a "drop-in" Halon replacement avaliable in place of banned Halon refills in Panama and elsewhere in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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